Aaron the Landscaper

Aaron with his son. 2016.

By Arthur Bridgeforth Jr.

Aaron knew it would be tough paying his monthly water bill when some money he was counting on didn’t materialize.

The 32-year-old, self-employed landscaper and single parent, recently found himself owing a $400 water bill. The entrepreneurial and seasonal nature of Funderberg’s job causes his household income to fluctuate. It’s that situation that led him to the brink of going without water service, thanks to a shutoff notice that accompanied his bill.

Funderberg, who rents his Detroit home and has custody of one of his three children, knew he had to quickly find a way to pay the bill to keep the water flowing.

He credits his girlfriend with searching around to find him an agency to help him pay his water bill. She found The Human Utility.

The Human Utility responded quickly and paid the outstanding bill Funderberg owed to Detroit Water and Sewerage. So he and his family were able to avoid the horrors of living without safe and clean water.

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The Human Utility, a not-for-profit organization founded in 2014, is dedicated to helping low-income families and seniors in the United States pay their water bills to restore or preserve their service. Through our website, we match donors to families for support. With donations from $5 to $5000 we have helped over 950 families get their water turned back on. Give today. Every drop in the bucket makes a difference!